We love helping workers. A few of the workers we've helped have been kind enough to share their experiences of the service below.

I was working in my first job as a labourer and the boss was stuffing me around with my pay. When I gave him a couple of weeks notice that I was going to finish up, he stopped paying me altogether, making up different excuses about why he couldn’t pay me what he owed me. I couldn’t afford to hire a lawyer as I was only on a base wage and I needed the money urgently so I didn’t have months to wait while it went through the process at the Fair Work Ombudsman. That’s when I contacted Help For Workers.  Shasta was extremely understanding of my situation and explained my options to me. She helped me write a letter to my boss demanding payment and he put the money in my account within 48 hours.

- Labourer, 19 years old

I am a nurse in the aged care sector. In mid 2014 my employer advised me that my full-time hours would be reduced to 15 hours per week for no other reason than 'company policy'. There was no offer of compensation (i.e. part-time redundancy package, etc.). I immediately involved the union. They were supportive and did make some contact with my employer's HR manager, but they ultimately made no progress, and seemed to give up. My efforts in contacting the same HR person were futile – he did not answer my emails or phone calls. The situation seemed hopeless.
With nowhere else to turn I made contact with Help For Workers. Shasta worked tirelessly and effectively to help me address the issue. Most importantly, she made me feel worthwhile and valuable when I was at my most vulnerable. We discussed a contract I had signed years earlier which was unlikely to still be binding, and Shasta urged me to present this information to the union, which prompted the union to call a dispute with my employer. My full-time hours were reinstated immediately.

- Nurse, 56 years old

I’d been working for my employer for over eighteen years and they sacked me with a day’s notice after I raised some concerns I had.  I felt like it was unfair but I didn’t know what my options were, or if I even had any at all.
I know a lot about plumbing, but when I needed information about my employment rights I was totally confused until I made contact with Shasta at Help for Workers. Shasta was able to give me the information I required quickly and in a way that I could make sense of. Her friendly and efficient manner encouraged me to be confident enough to stand up for my employment rights. 

- Plumber, 57 years old

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