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From bullying to wages to termination, there are many issues that arise during employment. Below are some examples of the employment issues we can help with. If you're still not sure whether we will be able to help you with your issue, send us a message with a brief outline of your situation and we will advise you whether we can.

bullying & discrimination

Do you feel like you are being bullied by a manager or coworker?

Is someone at work making things difficult for you? For example:

- Refusing to talk to you?
- Picking on every little thing you do?
- Not inviting you to work meetings or social events?
- Saying negative things about you to other people?
- Writing negative things about you on Facebook?  

Do you feel like you are being treated less favourably than other workers because of a personal attribute such as your age, race, religion, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, disability etc?

Have you been accused of bullying someone?  

Have you raised an issue of bullying with your manager and nothing's being done about it?


Has your employer accused you of some sort of misconduct such as:

- Failing to follow a lawful and reasonable direction?
- Breaching a company policy?
- Being late to work?
- Failing a drug or alcohol test?
- Damaging company property?
- Using a company phone or credit card for unauthorised purposes?
- Theft?
- Assault?
- Fraud?  

Have you been asked by your employer to attend a disciplinary meeting and you’re not sure how to prepare for it?  

Has your employer given you, or are they threatening to give you, a warning?  

Are you worried that you’re going to lose your job for something that you did or didn’t do?

contract issues & conditions of employment

Has your current employer given you a new contract to sign?  

Is your employer trying to change any of your terms and conditions of employment without your agreement?  

Is your employer threatening to cut your hours?  

Have you been employed as a casual for a long time?

Please note: Generally contract matters will require legal advice and you may wish to engage a lawyer. This service does not provide legal advice and can therefore only provide general information on contract issues.

leave & flexible work arrAngements

Has your employer suggested that you are taking too much sick or carer’s leave?  

Do you think you’re entitled to paid leave for time you’ve taken off?  

Are you pregnant?  

Are you currently on parental leave and having difficulties with your employer?  

Are you due to return to work from parental leave and you’re not sure what your rights are?  

Are you wanting to come back to work from parental leave on a part-time basis?  

Is your employer refusing to allow you to take annual leave or long service leave?  

Are you unsure how much leave (annual leave, long service leave, sick leave) you are entitled to?


Have you been told your performance is not up to scratch?  

Have you been put on a performance improvement plan?  

Do you feel that your employer’s expectations are unreasonable or unachievable?


Has your position been made redundant?  

Is business doing badly and you think there might be redundancies?  

Have you been told that there will be redundancies but your boss isn't telling you who, when or why?  

Do you think your employer is using redundancy as an excuse to terminate your employment?


Are you wanting to resign but aren’t sure how to go about it?  

Have you given notice of resignation but things have become difficult in the workplace?  

Is your employer saying you’ve resigned but you haven’t?  

Have you told your employer that you’re resigning but now you’ve changed your mind and you want to stay?  

Have you told your employer that you’re resigning and you’ve been sent home?


Has your employment been terminated?  

Are you worried your employment is going to be terminated?  

Has your employer terminated you without notice?  

Has your employer terminated you without giving you anything in writing and/or providing you with a separation certificate?  

Do you feel like your employer is trying to force you to leave the business?

wages & entitlements

Do you think you are being underpaid?  

Has your employer cut your rate of pay?  

Is your employer saying you have been overpaid and wants you to pay back an amount of money?

Does your employer owe you wages?  

Do you think you should be receiving penalty rates or overtime and you're not?  

Are you being asked to work a public holiday?  

Do you have questions about allowances or entitlements?

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