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Most workers will experience some sort of issue at work during their employment. The laws around employment are complicated. Often it is hard to know what you can do or where you can turn. Being armed with information about your rights and knowing you have options and support can give you the confidence to tackle the issues you are facing. 

Help For Workers is a social enterprise with the primary purpose of empowering Australian workers. We provide affordable and timely phone-based information and support. In addition to our phone service, we run free education programs for schools and community groups. The majority of our profits are reinvested back into our services and projects.
We are not affiliated with any unions. We recognise that there can be benefits to joining a union but we also respect the rights of workers not to join a union if they do not want to. We help workers regardless of whether they are union members or not.    

Find out about the types of issues we can help with here.

The Advisor

Shasta Stevic

My name is Shasta Stevic and I am extremely passionate about the rights of workers. I have over eight years of workplace relations experience and for a long time I have been frustrated by the lack of affordable services available to workers who are having issues at work. That is why I’ve created Help For Workers.

My previous roles have included:

- Providing information and referrals to employees in relation to their employment issues at a community legal centre specialising in employment law.

- Advising employers on their rights and responsibilities regarding employees at one of Australia’s largest employer associations.

- Providing information to both employees and employers about the law at the Fair Work Infoline and Industrial Relations Victoria.  

I am very much looking forward to helping you.

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